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Wedding is the most celebrated event or ceremony where thousands of things are interconnected with each other. It is the divine union of two soul mates. Success of a wedding event is interdependent on each of them. Indian weddings are known for their grand ceremonies and marvellous celebrations all over the world. VRS Wedding Organiser provides the best services for complete wedding events

Silver/Golden Jubilee

Silver/Golden Jubilee

Silver Wedding Celebration :
When you marry, you celebrate the beginning of a new life together. Of course everyone wishes you love and happiness. But after that day, the marriage is built day after day, with the “good” and the “bad”. 25 years is more than enough to have a nice story to tell and to share with the ones you love, your memorable moments, your leanings, your challenges, and your happiness. Is there a better occasion than this anniversary to write all that down and share it? You will be a great inspiration for everyone. 25 years of marriage is a big success for a couple. Whether you celebrate in an intimate ceremony or with your family and friends, don’t forget to renew the spirit of a long lasting relationship. What are you waiting for? Start planning a unique silver wedding anniversary with VRS. Look for a special destination, gather your family and friends and save the date for an unforgettable party that will last in your memory for at least 25 years more. We will help you to make it special.

Golden Wedding Celebration :
A golden anniversary is one that celebrates 50 years of marriage which is a beautiful occasion. 50 years of marriage. This is the milestone that every married couple strives for. We congratulate each and every couple that reaches this milestone. Gold is the precious metal associated with the 50th wedding anniversary. Gift this special occasion to your parents or Grandparents and make their day special. We will give you the perfect idea to make it special.

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